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A Magic Place – vision trips to the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are known for their magical and mystical atmosphere. This archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean consists of seven main islands. They offer the optimal framework for shamanic work and vision journeys. However, the magic of these islands is not only to be found in their breathtaking nature and landscape, but also in the presence of water, earth, fire and wind.

Shamanism has existed there since ancient times. It was last practiced by the Guanches. They populated the Canary Islands before the Spanish. The Guanches believed in a higher power that controlled nature and the animals of the islands. Many of the old myths and legends are still present on the islands today. There are still many places of power and rock carvings. In these places you can feel the connection to the cosmos and Mother Earth.


As one of the largest islands in the Canary archipelago, Tenerife is known not only for its beautiful beaches and fantastic weather, but also for its natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.

Tenerife is characterized by its volcanic peaks, which shape the island's appearance and give it an impressive landscape. Spain's highest peak, Teide, is a truly magical place with breathtaking power places to connect with nature and your higher self. The majestic volcano offers incredible views and a unique natural spectacle that you won't quickly forget.

But it's not just the volcanic cliffs that make Tenerife magical. The island is rich in historical places and cultural attractions, each of which has a magic in it.

Tenerife is a versatile place that combines relaxation, peace and magic. A very special atmosphere that captivates every vision participant and invites them to connect with the world and themselves surrounded by the four elements earth (mountains), water (sea), air (wind) and fire (desert/lava). . To bring body, mind and soul into harmony and to activate the self-healing powers. A vision journey revives the spirits of life, connects, centers, gives you strength and perhaps also the answer you are looking for to realign your life.

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