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A ritual for new beginnings and letting go


lying at the bottom of the ocean.


Man is not just flesh and blood. He also has an energy body,  the aura, which subtly surrounds his physical body.


Illnesses and psychological problems first arise in the aura. If the energy body is weakened by negative emotions, the person is more susceptible to negative vibrations.


In everyday life we are surrounded by different energies every day, positive as well as negative. In our surroundings we constantly absorb these energies through our energy body, for example through social contacts, where we live, at work, in the big city... We can feel anxious, tired or oppressed by these energies.


With aura and soul cleansing baths you can close with karmic burdens & negativity from this or previous lives. After the cleansing, you regain access to your soul, your strength and a carefree new beginning.

For people who work spiritually and have contact with patients, an aura cleansing is highly recommended.

aura baths herbal baths aura cleansing
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When is a aura and soul cleaing helpful?

*Physical problems & terminal illnesses

*Mental & mental crises

* Depression, fears, bullying, lack of stability...

*Negativity in relationships

*Isolation tendencies

*Black magic Beinfluence, curses, curse..

*Karmic burdens

*Aura occupations of any kind

*Personal Development & Spiritual Advancement

*Extreme mood swings & outbursts

*Personality Disorders

*Job Search

*Finding a calling in life

*Eating disorders of all kinds: bulimia, anorexia nervosa....

*Addiction & drug problems

*Severe family stresses or disturbances within a family

*negativity etc.

that helps you let go of negativity,
to be free again and swim in the sea of life

with fresh energy.


The ritual: 3 baths/3 days

After a preliminary discussion and the analysis of your Spirits  (Orischas), we determine which cleaning herbs and essences are used for your aura cleaning.

The herbal recipes come from Brazil and Africa. There they are passed on from healer generation to healer generation as secret knowledge.


The herbs are energetically prepared with prayers before use. The ritual includes a 3-day stay in my spiritual sanctuary in the Palatinate Forest and is accompanied by prayers and offerings.

incenseand cleaningritual

Your aura is energized with a shamanic incense ritual.


The first bath is for cleaning your aura and freeing you from attachments that you have attracted in this lifetime.


The second bath is used to relieve mental stress that is rooted in a deeper, subtle level.


The third bath opens your heart,

to be able to go new ways freely and elated.

and recovery process

prayersto your spirits and regular follow-up care will further stabilize you and further support the cleaning and healing process. You feel free and open again.


You meet yourself and others again with love and contentment. You strengthen your faith. Your self-confidence increases. Success comes back.



0,-- incl. accommodationt

rune magic rune rituals rune prayers


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