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Palatinate Forest, Canary Islands, South America


Video: Vision Journey Brazil, Iguazu

The Shaman Experience

The fast pace of today's society often and repeatedly brings us to the point where we are powerless. We then ask ourselves the question of the so-called meaning of life. This moment can be explained by the longing for contact with one's very own self and one's own soul. In the vision quest we enter the kingdom of nature in order to rediscover ourselves there and to awaken the primal power that lies dormant within us.

The vision quest helps us to rediscover, to find and offers an alternative path to self-knowledge.

Even the ancient cultures of our world knew about the effects of vision journeys
as a gateway to the kingdom dit spiritual, of the ancestors and of the gods 
These were and are part of an initiation process, serve thespiritual Growth, finding answers, letting go of circumstances, reinventing your own personaand above all the connection with his spiritual teachers.
In its original - and very rough - form, the vision participants had to go beyond their own limits by climbing on sometimes life-threatening places such as rocky outcrops,
3-Day & 3 nights without food,
spent in complete silence and solitude. 
The Native Americans, for example, believed that the moment you face your fears and demons - figuratively, "die of fear"  - a gate opens to another world through which one is spiritually reborn.




Palatinate Forest, Canary Islands, South America


Image by NEOM
“Heal relationship problems;Overcome fears and limits;spiritual advancement; overcome sadness and anger;gain strength and clarity; find meaning in life; grow up on all levels
take stock and close issues;one CONNECTING WITH THE HIGHER SELF; take a break from everyday life;
 Opening up for new things in life, preparing for new life phases; new horizons develop in business life ~request an answer from the universe; accept and love yourself.”

begin with a vision

Our vision journey after the original original;

performed based on the method of the Native American Indians.

14-day preparation at home

It takes uncomplicated mental and physical preparation to tune in to the journey ahead, let go and open up to the spirit. This is usually done through abstinence combined with a light diet and regular meditation. It is important that you are clear about the goal or the question before the vision journey. The actual journey begins 2 weeks before arrival at the vision place with element meditation and the attunement and tidying up of one's inner being.

visionquest vision journeys spiritual journeys

Housing example, Spain, El-Hierro

Initiation, rituals, settling in

The arrival at the destination begins with the relationship of the accommodation (accommodation in a single room), a relaxed adjustment to the environment and the common  Get to know. The first three days are used to prepare for the actual vision journey through initiation into the elements of fire, earth, water and air in powerful places in nature. The whole thing is accompanied by meditation and shamanic rituals. During this phase you set your individual goals for the vision.

The core of the journey

The central and most important part of the trip: the vision: You are completely alone in nature for three days and three nights. You are looking for the right place to spend these days. You leave the world behind and focus on the signs of the environment and the voice of the universe. These 3 days you are with yourself, your visions, your fears. You will find the path that is right for you to lead your life in contentment and harmony. 


The vision can present itself differently for everyone and is guided shamanically.



Feedback, reflection, tools for everyday life

The end of the vision journey means a slow return to life. You will integrate your experiences into everyday life, with positive changes occurring. You see the world with different eyes. This experience and these 3 days can change your life as mine changed to the porsitive.


Palatinate Forest, Canary Islands, Worldwide

9-day vision journey

OCTOBER, 11.10-19.10.2023

€1,490 per person

7-day vision journey

ALL YEAR, dates on request

€1,100 per person

individual one-way trip

Appointments & Price on request

  • Who are vision trips suitable for?
    The Shamanic Vision Journeys are religion and drug free. Everyone who seeks spiritual growth and wants to face their own challenges is welcome.
  • What characterizes the trip or what distinguishes the trip from other providers?
    The German Shaman - Joachim Fischer has been successfully conducting the trips for 20 years now.
  • What is the difference between individual and group travel?
    In a solo journey, the shaman's entire focus and attention is on you. The time of the trip, the location and your personal goals are individually coordinated.

You will receive detailed information in a personal meeting

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