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My name is Joachim Fischer (*1962 in Germany, Palatinate) and I have been working as a shaman, Reiki master and spiritual life coach for 20 years.

My work is based on the principle of the universal power of "Ashe", which is available to all living beings - regardless of religion, belief or ethnic origin - and connects us all in an invisible way.

On my journey through life I was able to experience many facets of myself: I traveled the world on a ship, lived abroad for decades as a businessman and met people from all over the world. Coincidence brought me to a Brazilian priestess, with whom I was initiated into the mysteries and tradition of Candomblé and became a Paé de Santo (priest) over the course of 7 years - in Germany and Brazil.

During all of these phases, illnesses had to be endured, crises overcome and many sacrifices made. Ultimately, all of this has led me to my purpose and my life's work: to help other people by empowering them and connecting them to the spiritual world (the Ashé).

This power can be expressed in one simple word - it speaks every language and is so powerful that it is able to overcome borders, move mountains and sometimes even heal diseases: Love!

Sincerely, JF


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