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Video:Araike da Silvapaints his vision journey.

The way to the upper and subconscious

subconscious work for you.

During shamanic journeys you enter a parallel world of your subconscious. 


After a preliminary talk and the analysis of your concerns, lie on the floor and assume your "travelling posture", which will help you to go into a trance more easily. After that, I mentally guide you to your place in the upper or lower world, , where you start the shamanic journey.


During the journey I will accompany you without words with a drum and rattle. Your subconscious is connected to your guardian spirit and knows exactly what to do. The only important thing is to follow the beat of the rattle and drum. They are sacred objects of power and help to clear blockages in your aura. They accompany and show you the way.

shamanic-spirit animal shamanic-drum shamanic-travelling

Anyone can make the transition from everyday consciousness to the underworld, whether consciously or unconsciously. Power animals and their guardian spirits are invoked and accompany you on your journey. You receive the messages from your upper or subconscious by means of mental images, words, intuitive promptings or leaps in consciousness.


Even if you don't experience anything conscious during the trip and you don't get any information or pictures, there is a positive solution to your problems in reality.


A healing process is initiated. Shamanic journeys give you the power and insight to change your life for the better.

€ 100,-- incl. Reiki

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