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The characters of Atlantis

symbols of magic

Rune work and the wisdom that grows from it is symbolic knowledge of the highest degree. With the runes you can contact the gods directly. Rune knowledge is rooted throughout the world. There are runes in every shamanic culture and the same symbols can be found over and over again.

In a process of 2 months after each individual rune has been dedicated to you, you will be initiated to all runes. In this process you will learn the meaning and access to the all-embracing wisdom via the runes. Each rune has a luminous potential as well as a destructive power. I will show you how the runes transcend you and lead you to inner growth.


The runes are made and consecrated by yourself. This is very important to intensify the contact. On the photo you can see my runes with the self-made leather pouch.

runic initiationupon request

rune set rune teacher rune magic
buy runes make runes yourself craft runes

II work with 18 runes.

shamanic-vision-journey aura-bath-in-the-sea

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