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House and Business cleaning

open the doors to happiness, love and success

Our dwellings are resonance chambers.  Every feeling, every thought and every action that we emit is absorbed by the rooms and objects  and given back to us.


If there is a lot of arguing or there is a lot of suffering, then the place radiates these energies. All those who are in it are also affected. Conversely, in places where there is a lot of prayer and compassion,  the place radiates calm and peace.


In Asia, apartments and houses are regularly spiritually cleansed of the previous owner's karma. 15 years ago I was allowed to accompany a shaman in Sri Lanka and learn from him. The new owners were amazed at the good energy their house had afterwards.

spiritual home cleaning spiritual-business-cleaning

is an energetic cleansing helpful?

Private living quarters, land and houses

*when moving

*when moving into new buildings

*after drastic traumatic experiences

*for anxiety

*when you perceive foreign energies

*at the beginning of a new chapter in life

*when selling a property

*e.gur general increase in well-being


*for start-ups

*when moving into new business premises

*in case of problems in the shop or with customers

*after burglaries

*in case of problems with employees and colleagues

*when selling a property

*for a general increase in well-being

aon request

aura cleansing

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