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Manifestation & Magic - a powerful duet

A strong, unshakable faith can move mountains. Mastery of one's mind combined with magic can work wonders.

In magic, manifestation has been used in various forms for thousands of years.

ndet. This article informs you about common techniques and how you can intensify your manifestation with magical and shamanic rituals:

What does manifesting mean?

Manifesting is about influencing reality through targeted thoughts and actions in order to achieve your goals or create a desired state in reality. The idea is that the universe responds to our thoughts and gives us or makes happen what we focus on. There are different methods to create manifestations. The most well-known are:

  • Visualization: Imagine achieving your goal and what it will feel like. Focus on the positive outcome.

  • Affirmations: Repeat positive phrases that describe your goal. This influences your subconscious and directs your energy in the appropriate direction.

  • Vision Board: Create a board with images and text that represent your goal.

  • Meditation: Focus on your goal and let go of negative thoughts.

  • Faith: Unwavering belief against the current situation and logic makes your thoughts swing and allows you to overcome spiritual obstacles.

Manifestation & Magic

In magic, manifesting represents those actions that serve to repel or activate universal energies. Negative energies are removed while positive energies are attracted.

In a spiritual context, manifesting also means consciously creating your own reality. It is about directing one's thoughts in a positive way to align one's energies according to one's desire and to make the universe make what we want happen.

There are two types of positive magic: manifest (create) and banish (banish). Manifesting means making something happen and creating a situation or condition. Banishing means eliminating negative energies and thoughts from your system and your environment.

There are various techniques to emphasize and intensify your manifestation on the magical levels. Some of these are, for example, making offerings to appropriate deities, using magic spells, magic potions, energy and aura work, energetic charging, programming one's own subconscious, ancient magical rituals such as sigil magic or the creation of light-filled elemental beings, talismans, etc.

The pentagram is often used in magic. The pentagram can be used as a banishing protective ritual or to summon entities from the other world. It always depends on which direction you draw the pentagram.

Can I use magic myself and what is the right technique?

The magic word manifestation is currently on everyone’s lips. There are a number of instructions and options circulating in the media. It is advisable to think carefully and carefully in advance about what you want, why and what you are willing to give in exchange for your wish.

There is no ideal technique or guide to manifestations. Depending on your nature, your preferences and the nature of your desire, different techniques can be used or combined. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it.

The connection to the spiritual world

As a shaman, I can advise you on your manifestation, give you rituals and tricks to use on the magical level, carry out appropriate rituals for you, raise your energy or banish unwanted, negative energies. This can be about various topics such as health, strength, love, money, etc.

Feel free to contact me by email or telephone

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