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The vision journey

A journey to yourself and the origin of being

A vision journey is a profound experience to gain deep insights about yourself and the world. This ritual has its origins in ancient spiritual practices by shamans, North American Indians and healers to expand consciousness and find healing and inspiration.


A vision journey can be very personal as every person has different experiences and needs. Some people use the vision journey to connect with their inner wisdom or spiritual guidance, while others use it to explore a specific topic or to find answers to open questions.

It is important to remain open and receptive during a vision journey to receive the deeper insights and realizations that may emerge. It can also be helpful to write down or share your experiences in order to reflect on and deepen the lessons learned.

A vision journey is an enriching experience that opens up new perspectives about yourself and the world. It can help release blockages, find inspiration and expand the mind. Being open to new experiences and willing to embark on such an adventure will change the way you look at the world and your own life.

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